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Assembly and care

  • Step 1
    Place the mannequin out of the reach of heat and flammable sources.
  • Step 2
    Remove the arms of the mannequin.
  • Step 3
    Apply a mild soap (coconut soap) in a damp cloth or soft sponge. Then rub the mannequin, starting at the torso.
  • Step 4
    Repeat with arms and legs.
  • Step 5
    Let the product act for a few moments.
  • Step 6
    After mannequin cleaning is completed, remove the mild soap with a cloth moistened with water.

- Use light-colored cloth, preferably white. Colored cloths can release ink onto the mannequin.

- In case of harder stains, we recommend the use of bleaches always moistening the cloth for cleaning. Never apply chemicals directly on the mannequin.

Note: Only with bright colored mannequins you can remove stains using cotton and automotive wax. Example: black / white / pearl.

Base types

  • Brushed iron
  • Painted metal
  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • Glass
Formats: round or square

Types of pin

  • Adjustable pin
  • Fixed pin